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Times of Israel is reporting that one David Shoshan has filed a restraining order against God for being negative towards him. The man was said

A 35 year old man, Stephen Ude of Amuzu community, Amasiri Afikpo North local government area of Ebonyi state have been arrested for allegedly defiling

Pioneering surgeons have used a clever technique to save a Brazilian man’s hand from being amputated by creating a pocket for it INSIDE his BELLY. Doctors

A starving child who was accused of witchcraft and abandoned by his family has made an astonishing recovery after being rescued by a humanitarian aid

A man who has spent years undergoing plastic surgery trying to look like his PARROTS has gone a step further and changed his name -

THIS is the heartbreaking moment a father threw a wedding for his terminally ill daughter after promising to give her the day of her dreams. RAF

Looking at just some of the net worths that these criminals have managed to attain throughout their “careers”, it really makes one question themselves what

The City Pages People Issue celebrates ordinary folks who do extraordinary things. Though their triumphs are rarely acknowledged, they make the Twin Cities a better

What is this nonsense about Kenyan mafisi running to Eritrea for yellow-yellow chicks Real sizzling beauty is dark as an African night, hot as hell

CLAIM: Due to a shortage or men, the Eritrean government has made it mandatory for men to take at least two wives.   FALSE EXAMPLE: [Collected via Email,

Trust me! That’s what every politician is asking when you step up to cast your vote on Election Day. While the majority of officials may

Are you willing to work a dangerous job for a big money pay out? Dangerous jobs come in many different forms, some glamorous and some

“She loves you, she loves you not.” Love is a language that is universally spoken. There are different kinds of love, different ways of showing

Arguably, Las Vegas is what it is today thanks to the beautiful hotels and their thriving casinos, because the hotel industry and especially casinos in

Yachts are arguably the most luxurious form of travel ever invented. With prices ranging from hundreds of millions of dollars to a few billions, yachting

It’s been an insane ride since the Oscar nominations came out for this year’s Academy Awards. Earlier this month, we found out who got nominated for

Divorce can be a messy process, even if you’re not a celebrity. The proceedings can be lengthy, there are often disagreements about custody, and when

No story could exist without a conflict, so the bigger, the better— give us a sickeningly evil, conniving, fearless bad guy that brings tension to

Most celebrities would like to keep at least one part of their lives hidden from the public. While it is their job to keep up

Decentralization (sometimes spelt as decenralisation) is a process in which functions, powers, people or things are redistributed or dispersed away from a central authority or location. The above

For the last two days, i am sure that the question above have been answered by many Kisii men following the trending story that Eritrea

There’s no doubt that most celebrities are incredibly photogenic. After all, they make their money by looking fantastic on camera, whether that be for serious

It’s not a big secret that drugs and alcohol are a huge part of Hollywood culture. We have, unfortunately, lost a number of great actors

Dubai is already home to a number of awe-inspiring structures, but the emirate appears insatiable when it comes to creating real estate masterpieces one after

Meet Devendra Suthar, an Indian man who holds the record for the most number of fingers and toes in the world. But Davendra is worried? Why?

A “coup d’état” is the sudden overthrowing of a government or political order, and is usually carried out by a small group of people. Most

Cam Newton is an incredibly talented NFL Quarterback. After entering the year in 2011, Newton has shown an outstanding ability to extend plays with both

For the majority of human life, the progress witnessed has been relatively slow. In the 21st century, however, obviously this is no longer true. It

Dashcam mayhem is back ! This shocking video shows some of the craziest things caught on board vehicles equipped with dashcams. It’s always a good idea

America. The great melting pot. A country that frequently makes or takes the best the world has to offer, perfects it, and brings it to

Back in the year 1979 a group of teenagers set out to produce a film together, the main members of note were Bruce Campbell: a

You think you know, but you have no idea where these celebrities are coming from when it comes to drugs. Just because they are socialites in

It’s no secret that Hollywood often takes liberties when it comes to “true stories.” In order to make their fact-based source material seem more interesting

Imagine being young and having millions of dollars, with nobody to tell you how you have to spend it. You are rich, you are famous,

As polygamy becomes legal in Eritrea, Don Jazzy might be on his way there. Yesterday (January 26) the Eritrean government enacted a law forcing all men

There is a Presidential election in the greatest country on Earth later this year. Arguably the biggest story however, nearly as contentious and interesting as

When it comes to trying to take out The Dark Knight, how are you supposed to do it with just one person? You can ask

Professional wrestling is unlike many other professional “sports” in several regards. Sports fans would be shocked to see a running back or 3rd basemen play

Some might mark their 80th birthday and golden wedding by going for a meal or having a party. But that won't be enough for daredevil Connie

2015 was a good year for movies. In particular,  it was a great year for women in film. Many of last year’s films featured women

Those who ply their trade in the lucrative but illegal netherworld of drug trafficking typically turn keeping a low profile into an art form. Wishing

Losing your virginity is a big deal. In life, it is one of those moments that you hope goes just right. Men want to land

Celebrities typically strike a powerful figure. With their often-exorbitant salaries, numerous demands on their time and substantive public profile, they carry a great deal of

Optical illusions are something both wonderful and very confusing for our own entertainment. This is mainly because it is startling to see how easily our

In the late 1980s, television viewers who had long been sucked into the melodrama of soap operas were introduced to a relatively new TV format

Cinema is one of those funny industries where so much money changes hands it’s hard to understand it. Studios pour millions of dollars into making

Ponder this. Nicki Minaj is the highest-selling female rapper of all time. When asked by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres what her greatest asset was,

Today, we often take for granted the fact that we can turn on a television or go online and find live news or events being

From the first WrestleMania to the launch of the WWE Network, Vince McMahon’s legacy continues to grow. The WWE succeeds because of the hard work

If you know someone that constantly berates the pro-wrestling business for being phony or fake, look no further than here for proof that the industry

It was the most anticipated movie comeback last year. And getting the original cast members like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to return for Star

Snoop Dogg. Yep, he is still around (it seems like forever ago that he was a star, right?) Anyway, it is no secret that Snoop

Episode VI of Star Wars featured the awesomely cool hover bike chase through the forests of Endor, but many of us never believed that such

Whether or not you’re a fan of the franchise that’s driven people crazy since the 70’s, there is no way you can’t be wowed by

Tammy Lynn Sytch, formerly known as WWE’s first “diva” Sunny, has recently signed an exclusive deal with adult entertainment company Vivid Video. Sytch told TMZ that

In a move, which echoes the “red door” controversy in Middlesborough, refugees say they have now become the target of abuse and harassment.  Newly arrived refugees

Zahraa Larammahi is still terrified of loud, sudden sounds. Her father Nabeel says it's because his six-year-old daughter was in the proximity of two separate car

A few months after my boyfriend proposed to me, there were rumours of him being sighted with myclose friend at that time. He tried lying

Haftom Zarhum, slain after being mistaken for the terrorist behind Be'er Sheva attack, was beaten by nine passersby, including Israeli security forces. Only four have

A woman simply identified as Madam Bosede was burnt beyond recognition after a prophet in her church, the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) on Unity