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London-born entrepreneur launches the first website selling roasted coffee made using traditional Eritrean method. A LONDON-born Eritrean entrepreneur has launched the first online retail store selling

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has sent a cable of congratulations to President Isaias Afewerki of the State of Eritrea on the occasion

Eritrea marks 25 years of independence from Ethiopia this month. It is now one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world and is run

Irish MEP Brian Hayes is visiting Eritrea this week, where Irish Aid, Teagasc and Irish development partner Vita have forged a partnership that delivers next

BRUSSELS (IDN) - “I have never experienced anything like it,” says Philippe Remarque, editor in chief of De Volkskrant. The paper – the Netherlands’ largest

Introduction:The major division of thoughts in philosophy is the relationship between “being” and “thinking” and the definition of what the world is consisting of –

THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is brokering a secret deal with a suspected war criminal in a desperate bid to stop more migrants from Africa arriving

MOGADISHU (eritreaHiraan) -The increasing number of regional states in Somalia have left the long anarchic horn of Africa nation fragmented and the country no longer

urope Day, celebrated annually on 9 May, marks the anniversary of French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman’s call on the nations of Europe to unite in

Border dispute & the Algiers Agreement: The reason why Eritrean youth are leaving Eritrea is that, when the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia erupted

Eritrea is on the verge of turning 25. The Independence Torch is winding its way across the country, attracting large, enthusiastic, boisterous crowds and building

More than 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the UK struggled to get by in the first three months of this year, according to British

A Swedish mother decided it would be a good idea to open up her home to a male refugee from Eritrea, and so she kicked

Asmara — The head of the Ministry of Health branch in the Northern Red Sea region, Dr. Yohannes Tekeste disclosed that commendable achievements have been

Asmara — Outstanding students in the Central region who scored outstanding results at the Grade 8 General Examinations 2014/2015 Academic year received the 'Fitewerari Award'

Following a fact-finding mission to Eritrea, Swiss authorities have determined that the human rights situation has not improved for the thousands of Eritreans who make

Before discussing Eritrean asylum seekers or economic migrants, it is important to provide a background to the Eritrean nation and why its youth are fleeing.

The Egyptian Embassy in Asmara received an Egyptian delegation from the Agriculture Ministry led by farms project executive director Maher Abdel Moneim. In a press release

Violence erupted in Tel Aviv this weekend as thousands of Eritrean migrants gathered to celebrate the east African country’s 25th independence anniversary. The massive brawl at

A husband and wife thought to be Rockland County’s oldest married couple will celebrate their birthdays this weekend — with a combined age of 212. Duranord

China and India have strongly refuted the findings of a US report that condemned violations of religious freedom around the world. China was so angry it

Some 240 young people, thought to have been snatched by human traffickers for the purpose of sexual and other forms of exploitation, were referred to

Robel Iyassu, 31, decided to set up after noticing a gap in the market for coffee lovers. Using a method taught to him by his

 Eritrea has received credible information that the “Commission of Inquiry” (COI) intends to publicly release its forthcoming “report” in advance; well before it is duly

Tsegai Tewelde from Eritrea absconded during Edinburgh cross country They claimed asylum in Scotland over fears they could be tortured  Mr Tewelde, who is now a UK

The Stranger's Notebook (Prologue), a solo exhibition of new work by Eritrean artist Dawit L. Petros, his first solo exhibition in Europe, is about to

Europe’s action in Ethiopia and the wider Horn of Africa region provides a telling example of the challenges international donours face when trying to link

Father Buzz feature mēditereniyeni bitedegegemi zeget’imi jumped t’ifi’ātini hilik’itini āšitenitine "wishit’ewi šimi’iteyini sheḵ’iloteyini kigelits’i" mets’i’ā liḵ’išo year! "Bizibili title kits’ihifi biri’āyi āli’ileši be free title,

Two studies recently presented at ECCMID 2016 found emerging or resistant infections and dermatologic infestations to be prevalent among refugees seeking asylum in Switzerland and

The National Cycling Team (Team Rwanda) are optimistic they will put up a great performance to outshine favourites at the upcoming Tour of Eritrea 2016. The

Asmara, 12 April 2016- The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare disclosed that Eritrean women residing in Uppsala, Sweden, also known as “Martyrs Trust Group”

Father me’āšikereti šidetenyeteti Ethiopian and Eritrean zirikebu infrastructure idime bi’āšegegeriti inideteteleluni inidetešerik’wīni bimenigedi land of Egypt, Sudan, Father Nabi zirikebe k’enit’ešiti wishit’ewi newiti bodies zihone

Asmara, 12 April 2016:- President of the NUEW Mrs. Tekea Tesfamichael disclosed the commendable achievements Eritrea recorded in ensuring gender equality, which has proved exemplary

Eritrean government neglect Father širu’i 58 we’ile Commission for Africa nišebi’āwi tower teneḵ’īfe scepter. Abt Cubs 6 PreZ 20 April Father Gambia City Banjul zigebe’i jumped

Massawa, 11 April 2016:- A seminar was conducted in Massawa as regards the role of well-trained youth in nation-building process. Mr. Oqubay Berhe, head of NUEYS

Asmara — East African advanced course on Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management convened today, 11 April, at the Asmara Palace under the theme "safer drugs and

[Video] My first time at the Euro YPFDJ Conference!

pril 13 2016, will mark the 14th year since the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s final and binding delimitation decision. Unfortunately, neither the UN Security Council,

Eritrean government k’edemeyiti week of April werihi Nabi, chairman of Main Come zegiti 3 šidirebēteti city of Asmara bidozereti kemize’inewe wekileti voice forumEND_LINK kebite hābiromi

NAIROBI (HAN) April 11. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Under a $200 million funding package by the European Development Fund (EDF), Eritrea receives

FRANKFURT (HAN) April 11. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. A new report shows that nearly 6,000 children were reported as missing last year.

Father zitefeleleye countries zirikebu Eritrean deleyiti justice, netomi B 3 April Father Asmara, the Eritrean government bihāyiliteti quiet zitek’etiluni ziḵ’ošeluni te’ālemo zekiromi. Father, Israel, Great Britain,

It was roughly twelve months after 31-year-old Gebre Berhane (not his real name) escaped Eritrea that the letter came through from the Home Office. He'd

(London, April 7, 2016): On January 11, 2013, Nevsun Mining Resources Ltd. issued a press release in which the company stated that “In early 2009,

He said he had so hoped that someone would come out of the RV. Driven up to our parking lot for a short break from

NAIROBI (HAN) April 11. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Copper and zinc haven’t really been popular in the market lately, but I was

There are numerous yardsticks that can be used for measuring the transformation that has taken place in Uganda over the years. Notable among the many

THE nine Filipino fishermen, who were held by the Eritrean government for fishing in their waters, will be homeward bound once their travel documents are

The 2011 eruption of Nabro in Eritrea was one of the most unexpected large eruptions of the last decade. Prior to this eruption, not much

Security forces in Eritrea's capital Asmara have killed several young conscripts who tried to escape the convoy they were travelling in, according to opposition media

Asmara (HAN) April 4. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News.The Independence Torch, currently touring the Gash Barka Region, reached the town of Golij yesterday

Asmara (HAN) April 4. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News..The National Association of War Disabled Veteran Fighters rehabilitated 15 members in Keren with business

The United States, Britain, France, Italy and Denmark are some of the countries lagged behind Eritrea to vaccinate its citizens under herd immunity threshold. According to

Kagnew Station was a United States Army installation in Asmara, Eritrea. The facility was established in 1943 as a U.S. Army radio station, taking over and

The stock of Nevsun Resources (TSE:NSU) is a huge mover today! The stock is up 1.67% or $0.07 after the news, hitting $4.27 per share.

The Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) held its first general congress between 21-25 March 2016 in Asmara, Eritrea. PAFD is a political alliance

Eritrea's hobbled economy will get a boost when new gold, copper and zinc mines begin production. Despite the commodity crisis, the government is banking on

Requests from asylum seekers who submitted them over a year after entering the country have been automatically denied. The Administration of Population and Immigration in the

ASMARA (HAN) March 31. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. For the residents of Adi Ashker – a small village in Eritrea of 1,000

MOGADISHU (HAN) March 31. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Salem Solomon. Saudi Arabia appears intent on reaching across the Red Sea to build